Testimonials From KOB Participants

Jamie Norals

You are someone I was able to always come to in times of need and comfort. You provided me with tutors that I enjoyed working with and learned so much from. My grades had a downfall until I had the chance to work with your tutors. You provided me with wonderful mentors that I was able to talk to when I needed advice. You helped me to be able to talk and perform in front of people lol. You gave me so many activities to participate In that being out on the streets wasn’t an option.

KOB Participant – 2009 to Present

Liljames Gooden

You encourage me and had faith in me, always help me, loved me like your own. You give me hope, one of the reason I’m working now and going back to school.

KOB Participant – 2008 to Present

Kiana Ktown Payton

The impact you had on my life was major, you were one of only few people who believed in me, you trusted me with important jobs with KOB. You showed me life was more than what I had seen it as, and you made me feel like a brand new person; I could achieve anything I wanted to. You taught me how to uphold myself in front of important people. And always keep GOD 1st in my life. You’ve really helped me manage my anger issues as well. Ms. D you have really been an inspiration in my life showing me many things in my life 2 not be better but be GREAT!!!

KOB Participant – 2011 to Present

Hyinth Davis

I am currently a member of Ms. Diane Latiker’s youth organization. I became a member of KOB (Kids Off The Block) in 2010. I can say that I’ve had a great experience being involved with the youth program. Diane Latiker has made such a tremendous impact on my life. She didn’t know me from a can of paint. She took me straight into her home. Treated me just like a son! She always shows her concern and her emotions when it comes to our young people. She helped us find different programs that were suitable for us. Something we were interested in. Basketball, acting, singing, dancing, art etc. anything you could name. Ms. Diane helped us achieve that goal. Not only that she had an organization, she really cares about our youth. We walked around different neighborhoods talking to different people who’ve also experienced tragic situations in the city of Chicago. I can go on and on. She’s such a super hero and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I love Ms. Diane more than anything, life itself, and the world. She made me become the professional person I am today, and I wouldn’t have made it without her.

KOB Participant 2010 to Present

John Hampton

You made an impact in my life by showing me that you can make a change in the community no matter what’s going on in it. You also made an impact on me by helping me stay positive at time in my life it seemed like nothing good was there. Those days coming to hoop and just sitting around to talk to me helped me stay on the right track of life.

KOB Participant – 2011 to Present

Lakeesha Renee

You have changed my life because you opened my eyes to what’s going on in my community. You took me and my siblings in, treated us like family. You gave and give us every opportunity possible to succeed in life. You love us without judgment, you listen openly, and its only because you care. You have made me become a better person by showing me what humanity is for and that is to help our fellow man who is in need, love unconditionally, and be a blessing to someone else. When the Crowd leaves you still stand alone to fight for us and for that I fight for you. You are a beam of light in the hood of darkness. Love you and thank for everything.

KOB Participant – 2009 to Present

Delroy Folkes

Ms. Diane, (Ms. D) is one of the greatest women I’ve had the privilege knowing in my lifetime to say the least; she’s provided me and others with job opportunities where she worked us 40 hours a week, she’s opened up her home to us as a safe haven in a neighborhood that wasn’t and still isn’t safe along with so many other things (too many to list here) Even in my recent time away from KOB she provides support and motivation to the direction I’m going in my life. Now if you’ve ever even heard of Ms. D you probably already know all of these things; but the biggest impact that she’s had on me is something that I feel goes unsung about her: she epitomizes consciousness, resilience, and mental fortitude, all characteristics of which I took to build my character and who I’m becoming. So when you see me and when I change the world for the better know you’re looking at a product of Miss D!

KOB Participant – 2009 to Present

Walter Williams

Ms. Diane has been a tremendous blessing to my life. She opened her arms and allowed me to become apart of her family, as she did with the rest of the young men and women in the neighborhood. She challenged me to finish high school, to go to college, and overall be great. I am proud to say, I accepted her challenge and I am now a little over a month away from obtaining my college degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from UW-Madison. She was the mother away from home that I was able to rely on when in need. She made sure jobs were available and that I knew about every opportunity that could benefit me. Needless to say, Ms. Diane has a gift like no other. A gift that has provided so many young people with hope, love, and happiness. God has given her a gift that allowed doors to be open that no man will ever be able to shut. I am just filled with joy to know the many blessings that will come because of the gift she has deep within her.

KOB Participant / 2005 – 2008