On Saturday, September 14, 2013 kicked off it’s fist Initiative “Investing In Our Communities” for widespread improvements in Roseland!

What: A Roseland community convening to encourage faith-based organizations, elected officials, business owners and residents to invest in the neighborhood.

Who: Organized by Kids Off The Block founder and longtime resident Diane Latiker.

Guest Speakers Included:

The Honorable Robin Kelly, US Representative (2nd District)

Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims

Ken Bennett, Regional Representative, US Secretary of Labor

Camiella Williams, Recipient “Young Peace Warrior” Award 2013

Darius Randle, Minister / Young Peace Warrior

Syron Smith / Founder/CEO National Block Club University

Why: We are concerned about the lack of reinvestment in our most economically challeged communities. There are vacant lots, abandoned buildings, spreading blight, lack of jobs, dearth of training facilities, failing schools, and waning support for the only hospital in our community.

Our goals:

  • Create a clearinghouse of information for what are our most pressing issues: jobs, education, foreclosures, and crime
  • Unite our voices in calling for the city, state and federal government to invest in Roseland
  • Get residents involved in making our communities more appealing to businessess and investors
  • Work with outside sources to bring investments into our communities
  • Hold us accountable for the homes we live in and the blocks we live on
  • Share information with all interested parties to better serve the community as a whole